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Destiny Lives On Fairhaven Street

Danielle and I were only ten when we fell in love as neighbors on Fairhaven Street. Despite my ugly duckling appearance, lack of confidence and a family with three generations of abuse, she loved me. Being with Danielle exposed me to a life I never thought possible.

But three years later, my mother packed me up and moved us 3,000 miles away. We had to escape my father. On my last day with Danielle, I gave her one half of a broken heart pendant necklace and a promise that I would come back for her when I grew up.

I didn’t take my half of the necklace off for seven and a half years, until the day I could finally go back to her. “Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street” is the story of my life up until that day. My first love was the inspiration that guided me to become the man I am today. I broke my family’s cycles of violence so that she would never have to experience it.

After almost eight years, I was standing outside her front door, the promise kept. For years I was told that what I was doing was crazy, that there was no way she would remember me let alone love me after so long. The only question was, who would be right?

What would you do for a second chance with your first love? It all began with the girl next door…
Excerpt Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street, Chapter 13
" I didn’t wake her because I knew neither of us could handle any more goodbyes. Looking back at her one last time, peacefully asleep in front of the television, I imagined exactly what I would say when I saw her again. I would tell her the story of how I fell in love with the most beautiful girl next door when I was just a boy, and returned to her a man who’d been faithful throughout all our years apart with one simple request: Give us one more chance. I closed the front door to her house and crossed Fairhaven Street for the last time, and she disappeared from view and was gone. My love. My best friend. My destiny. "
“Let my life remind you of the most important lesson I can teach you: the man each of you is destined to become is the one you choose to be.”